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Visual Improvements on Untamed:Life of a Cougar

As we draw nearer to the announcement of a final release date for Untamed:Life of a Cougar, features to be expected and improvements should be shared with the community.

As I am pressed for time (need to get back to development), this will be an incredibly short post, but hey there are pictures!

There have been stunning visual improvements in Untamed:Life of a Cougar, the grass looks real, a lot of NPCs have been completely overhauled while new ones have been added.

Also in the sound department, animals don’t have a single set of sounds but multiple sets to make the environment much more dynamic.

A new camera mode has been added, to give a somewhat up-close and personal view of the Cougar and makes you feel like you’re watching Nat Geo Wild when you’re hunting with the target mode on.

well as I said this will be a very short post because of lack of time, and there are so much other features that have been added, but little-by-little it will be shared with you.
meadowEditDragging PreyEditmoose in meadowEditThanks to everyone that has contributed in one way or another to the development of Untamed:Life of a Cougar, you all are awesome and I’ll do my best to make sure you all get the animal game you deserve.

Have fun and Happy Hunting.


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