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Untamed: Life of a Cougar version 1.1 available!!!

beta screenshot

It has been a long journey so far and it is right to thank everyone who have given reviews, reported bugs and glitches, and downloaded the first build 1.0 . These actions encourage me to keep on supporting and developing Untamed: Life of a Cougar.

Now to the main point. Here are some of the updates and bug fixes for the recent version 1.1

Bug Fixes

– The cougar jitters less when strafing in manual mode (it will be smoothed out completely in upcoming updates)

-Blood splat bug: Sometimes, the cougar kills animals without even making contact with them. This has been fixed

-Left/Right Turn animation snapping: now the cougar makes smooth turns without the annoying break in the animations

-Die on air: The cougar sometimes dies while on the air. This has been fixed also.

-Quick transition between night and day: This has been fixed, night and day are now separate from each other

-Animals get stuck while running or at a dead end: Now you can chase animals all day long to your heart’s content without them getting stuck                                                                                                        for  no reason

-Escape does not always return to the game: in version 1.0, if you press escape in the options menu while the game is paused , it resumes the                                                                                           game but the screen stays the same. In version 1.1 this has been fixed

-Cougar keeps holding finished carcass: When a carcass is finished, the cougar keeps on holding it. this has been fixed, now as soon as a carcass is finished the cougar stops holding.

The cougar twists while jumping: Fixed


-Shadow tearing: In the previous version 1.0, the shadow quality was less than acceptable. Currently in version 1.1 the shadow is better looking

-Turn animations added for bear, moose and bison

-The cub does not stray too far from a point again.

-The Cougar’s health refills faster than before

-The Cougar is able to turn much faster

-Various Cougar animations have been improved

– The Cougar moves forward while pouncing in normal mode(with or without a target)

-The cougar now strafes in normal mode (as far as target mode is active)

-General game difficulty has been reduced to make for a more enjoyable experience

-A manual has been added to read about the game

Upcoming Improvement

More improvements are on the way and these include

-Addition of the Hunter and Hound Characters

-A more polished tutorial

-An improved deer character

-Addition of enemy Cougars

-Addition of wild pigs

-New terrain

-Much more bug fixes

-Multiplayer (if there is sufficient support)

-Other ideas.


You can download the latest release at the Download Page

You can also report any bugs or give a review or suggestion at the Report Bugs/Review Page

Eugene Onuoha,


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