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Untamed: Life of a Cougar beta 2.0 is Available


After a long period of hard work, Untamed: Life of a Cougar beta 2.0 is finally out. The new version features a highly polished environment and a lot of bug fixes along with other updates. keep reading to see the release notes.

While being available at the OCCA studios website, Untamed: Life of a Cougar will also be available for download at Desura, Gamejolt and IndieDb, considerations are also being made to make it available in GOG. announcements will be made regarding this.

Also I read some comments on Untamed: Life of a Cougar on deviant art asking for a goal in the game, in the final release there will be pseudo goals to achieve and also character leveling up and other things to do, but for now one step at a time.

Release Note 2.0

These are the updates and changes added to Untamed: Life of a Cougar beta v2.0

Character Addition

Terrain Improvement
-Addition of Normal map and specular to give the terrain a realistic look (Don’t worry game devs and artists know this one)
-Addition of extra foilage(Plants) to make the environment look beautiful
-Renovation the navigation system to prevent characters getting stuck
-Fog colour has been changed to green to give the forest a more foresty feel

Character Improvement
-Addition of Normal map for the Cougar, Cub, AlphaWolf, Omegawolf, Bear, Deer, Doe, Eagle, Rabbit, Bison, Hunter, Hound, Moose, Fox
-The deer model has been change to a much better one
-The moose and bison don’t snap when starting to graze and stopping to graze
-The Cougar cannot strafe while eating
-The Cougar cannot jump while holding an object

Gameplay Improvement
-Jumping to fight the eagle is now smoother and doesn’t affect the camera
-The camera hardly jitters and follows the Cougar properly
-Eagle deal more damage and regenerate health while flying round the Cougar
-Alpha wolves can now call Omegawolves for help
-Characters are more aggressive and challenging
-The dragging system has been improved greatly that means no more jittering and weird ragdoll behavior (The animals may slightly move still This will be fixed)
-A new soundtrack has been added for a relaxing gameplay
-Players can continue to play the tutorial to get a better understanding of the fight mechanics
-More animals are spawned in an area to make the environment seem less scanty
-The animals are spawned randomly to give a random fell to gameplay

Miscellaneous Improvement
-The rendering of the game has been changes leading to a more beautiful and realistic visual experience
-The loading screens have been altered to feature tips and advice instead
-The about menu is fully function. It does not redirect to the website instead it shows advice and tips
-The GUI buttons have been change to give a more glassy look


you can download it here Download

Don’t forget to spread the word.

Have fun and Happy hunting.


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Features of Untamed: Life of a Cougar beta 2.0

For some time, I have been silent on the work going on in Untamed: Life of a Cougar. As I can remember, I promised to release a new update (v2.0). gladly this will be available soon (Maybe before the Christmas break). The purpose of this article is to bring to light some of the major improvements to Untamed: Life of a Cougar beta 2.0.

Hunter and Hounds


Yes you read it right, Untamed: Life of a Cougar beta 2.0 is going to feature Hunters and their bloodhounds. This duo will be the biggest threat to the player. Why? you ask,  Firstly, the hunter represents man’s presence in nature. He has a gun, and he has two bloodhounds which are deadly as his side-kicks.

The hunter has the ability to call other hunters in the area and the bloodhounds can alert all hunter and bloodhounds in an area, thereby making the player the target of an active hunt. Gruesome isn’t it?. But as a sign of goodwill (Man isn’t that wicked), the hunters and hounds do not pose a threat to the player’s cub rather they are just out to kill the player (Trophy Hunting).

Improved Deer Character


Do you like the picture above?,  If yes then that means you like the new deer character for Untamed: Life of a Cougar. The deer comes with improved animations and other bug fixes which will be made known in the release note for Untamed: Life of a Cougar beta 2.0.

The deer will be given a new ability to protect it’s females(Doe) from the player. This means that it will have the ability to fight off an attack but unfortunately this feature will not be available in v2.0  rather it will be part of the final release of Untamed: Life of a Cougar, but I thought I should just let you know.

Improved Terrain

imFt2 imFt3 imFt4 imFt1


Well the Images above speak for themselves. These are work in progress (WIP) and will be improved as time goes on. But you can definitely expect these scenes in Untamed: Life of a Cougar beta 2.0.

Well these are some of the major features that you can expect. There will be a lot of improvements that will be best left to the player to judge for themselves.

As usual, it will do Untamed: Life of a Cougar good if you support it by spreading the word. it will encourage the developer. For now have fun playing and happy hunting.



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Untamed: Life of a Cougar version 1.1 available!!!

beta screenshot

It has been a long journey so far and it is right to thank everyone who have given reviews, reported bugs and glitches, and downloaded the first build 1.0 . These actions encourage me to keep on supporting and developing Untamed: Life of a Cougar.

Now to the main point. Here are some of the updates and bug fixes for the recent version 1.1

Bug Fixes

– The cougar jitters less when strafing in manual mode (it will be smoothed out completely in upcoming updates)

-Blood splat bug: Sometimes, the cougar kills animals without even making contact with them. This has been fixed

-Left/Right Turn animation snapping: now the cougar makes smooth turns without the annoying break in the animations

-Die on air: The cougar sometimes dies while on the air. This has been fixed also.

-Quick transition between night and day: This has been fixed, night and day are now separate from each other

-Animals get stuck while running or at a dead end: Now you can chase animals all day long to your heart’s content without them getting stuck                                                                                                        for  no reason

-Escape does not always return to the game: in version 1.0, if you press escape in the options menu while the game is paused , it resumes the                                                                                           game but the screen stays the same. In version 1.1 this has been fixed

-Cougar keeps holding finished carcass: When a carcass is finished, the cougar keeps on holding it. this has been fixed, now as soon as a carcass is finished the cougar stops holding.

The cougar twists while jumping: Fixed


-Shadow tearing: In the previous version 1.0, the shadow quality was less than acceptable. Currently in version 1.1 the shadow is better looking

-Turn animations added for bear, moose and bison

-The cub does not stray too far from a point again.

-The Cougar’s health refills faster than before

-The Cougar is able to turn much faster

-Various Cougar animations have been improved

– The Cougar moves forward while pouncing in normal mode(with or without a target)

-The cougar now strafes in normal mode (as far as target mode is active)

-General game difficulty has been reduced to make for a more enjoyable experience

-A manual has been added to read about the game

Upcoming Improvement

More improvements are on the way and these include

-Addition of the Hunter and Hound Characters

-A more polished tutorial

-An improved deer character

-Addition of enemy Cougars

-Addition of wild pigs

-New terrain

-Much more bug fixes

-Multiplayer (if there is sufficient support)

-Other ideas.


You can download the latest release at the Download Page

You can also report any bugs or give a review or suggestion at the Report Bugs/Review Page

Eugene Onuoha,


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Untamed Beta Released!!!

Finally the first beta version of Untamed: Life of a Cougar is available for download. As we recall it was due to be released since august but due to the need to create the best possible user experience, the release was delayed.

Untamed: Life of a Cougar beta can be  downloaded from the Download Page  . More Updates and benefits will be released to users who have preordered Untamed: Life of a Cougar. The updates include bug fixes and character improvement and also release of builds with new characters – Hunters and their Hounds (Dogs) also

scumbagfox kill

As this is a beta version, there will be bugs to expect, though work has been done to ensure that there is close to none. If in the event that a Bug is encountered please be quick to notify the developer at or if that is much of a hassle, post a comment on the Report Bugs/Review Pageor if it is still too much of a hassle you can post it anywhere on the site.

While posting bugs, your review and opinions will also be invaluable in making Untamed: Life of a Cougar better. they can be posted in the Report Bugs/Review Page or on any OCCA studios social networking page .

Don’t forget to spread the word, Have Fun Playing and Happy Hunting.

Eugene Onuoha, Developer.

OCCA studos

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Forest Terrain

Screenshot 2014-07-22 17.18.47Screenshot 2014-07-26 18.27.53Screenshot 2014-07-26 18.30.05The upcoming beta version for Untamed:Life of a Cougar will feature a forest terrain for the game play, where players can have a feel of the great outdoors.

The terrain is still a WIP and will be different from the final look


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Upcoming beta version

Keep your Internet connections open to know the latest news on the release of our first playable demo. We seek to give Untamed: Life of a Cougar enthusiast a glimpse of what we have in store for them and the gaming community in general.


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