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Report Bugs/Review

This page is dedicated to the reporting of bugs concerning the beta version of Untamed life of a Cougar, and also for posting reviews, suggestions, opinions, ideas and critique, all will be appreciated and will be handled accordingly.

151 comments on “Report Bugs/Review
  1. LILa says:

    Olha so eu estava apertando TAB+UP para correr e o puma começou agirar a cabeça,as patas da frente pra cima e continuo o q esta acontecendo??

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the report. this will be sorted out in the next update that will be released. we hope the bug didn’t spoil your gaming experience.
      you can save your progress and load it again to see if the problem stops.

    • Alexia Smith says:

      I walk into the mountains sometimes and i glitch into it and i forget to save so i have to restart

      • admin says:

        I’m very sorry about that 🙁 . Always remember to save immediately you glitch, this can help resolve the problem.

        The bug has been fixed in the final version ( which will be announced soon )

        Once again sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for playing, I appreciate it 🙂 .

  2. Noa Tate says:

    A few times I’ve been carrying my cub, then setting it down only to have it hover in the air or spawn back at the last place I dropped it. But other from that, great game-play and I cant wait to see the finished result!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the compliment and for reporting the bug. The bugs will be sorted as soon as possible. To stop the hovering, you can save the game and reload it. Don’t forget to check on Monday 17/11/2014 for the updated build that will be available. Once again thank you for reporting the bug

  3. Kaiya says:

    I’ve been looking for a game just like this. Wolf Quest was…okay but this takes surviving as an animal to the next level. To be in Beta this game looks (and is) amazing! I can’t wait for this to be finished!

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Kaiya. I, like you have been looking for a game like this but it seems for some reason AAA game studios don’t make them so I decided to make Untamed. I will try my best to make it as good as possible. Thank you for your compliment.

  4. Mermer says:

    Will this eventually be available for mac?

  5. George says:

    I would love to download but i don’t know if it is for Imac osm 8,1

  6. rekeeper says:

    hello am Brazilian and’m talking to you guys by the translator google Huehue want to talk to the guys game already come in to my life story and perfect ta style that expected and which are ta a little off the reality is that one never gets falcon with a mountain lion and the hunger of his cougar / cub decreases very fast and that in real life n is so then for further improvements you guys are game need increases the difficulty of hunting and decrease the time of famine and add stations of time put type summer winter spring and slightly increases the map know the work adding more conpensa and for the game to be 100% a mountain lion its greatest ability and climb trees then peopl that add specific trees to climb to n is very call then adding what I said had been the biggest game of animal simulation in the world 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hello, thanks for your interest in Untamed:Life of a Cougar, it is a Golden eagle and they are found in the same places as mountain lions

      Also the hunger level will be fixed and improved, and other points you mentioned will also be taking care of.

      Once again thanks for taking the time to post you suggestion.

      • rekeeper says:

        heads are found in the same place but not attacks
        never one Aquia attack a cat under any circumstances

  7. Vid Maddness says:

    hello, the game is very good, but it would be awesome if there was a feature in the settings that can turn the hunters on and off. the hunters ruin the game for me and its a real pain to have them. so if you could have to option of having the hunters or not, it would be amazing.

    -Vid Maddness

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the compliment. I understand about the hunter situation, they are there as a challenge and not to create a frustrating experience and I’m very sorry for that.
      I have worked on balancing the hunter to make them less of a pain and more of a challenge. this feature will be released in the final game version or an upcoming beta version(If it will be released).
      Once again thank you for your suggestion.

  8. Wildiful says:

    Hai! I would like to report some bugs and suggest some things to be put in the final game 🙂
    Okay so, while playing the tutorial I was carrying the deer and I pounced, then as I was in the air I could eat the deer and pounce again bringing me higher in the air. I could repetitively do this until the carcass despawned and I was instantly brought back down to the ground. Also, one time while loading a save game I could see threw the ground for a few seconds until I moved because when I last left the save game I was on a hill. I love this game, and I hope these bugs will be fixed in the final release =)
    As for some cool realistic features to add, I’d like to see a huge map with a human village and varying landscape as well as wolf territory. Maybe you could choose different places to live with different prey, since in real life some Cougars live near suburban neighborhoods preying on dogs and cats while others prefer a life in the dense wilderness away from all civilization 🙂 I also think that finding a mate should be how real female cougars find a mate, perhaps there could be seasons (Summer, Winter ect.) and months and on a certain month or time you go into season and you can make a sort of yowl that attracts male cougars if there are any near by. Sorry this was so long, I just really wanted to suggest some things =|

    • admin says:

      @Wildful, thank you very much for reporting the bug, it has been fixed in the upcoming beta release 2.1 (which is yet to be announced) also in the same release you will have to look for males (that will fight each other to mate :-)). The human settlement and various maps is a feature that I would have loved to add but unfortunately there are no funds for that, after the final release it will most likely be added along with other features.

      Thank you for your support and I’m glad that you love the game 🙂

  9. Scar1234 says:

    Hey this is about a bug (Is it?) I encountered whilst playing, when I was eating I picked up my cub by mistake, I wanted to pick up the carcass obviously but when i placed my cub a little bit away from the carcass a second cub spawned? Now I am walking around the map with two cubs and when one of them died it was game over :c is it a bug to have the two cubs?

    • admin says:

      Thank you for reporting the bug, I appreciate it.

      In the beta 2.0 of Untamed : Life of a Cougar there is only one cub so it is definitely a bug.

      I would like to know if this happened immediately after loading or starting a new game, so that I can be able to understand what the cause could be and have it fixed.

      *PS in the new beta version to be announced there will be three cubs to raise into adolescents.

      If you haven’t, you can like Untamed’s Facebook page by typing in untamedlife of a cougar to follow up on the development

  10. Joe says:

    Olha o meu Jogo Não possuem sombras. Nem depois da atualização 2.1 e eu quero sombras? O que Devo fazer?

  11. rekeeper says:

    tem como diser como faço pro meu filhote crescer

  12. rekeeper says:

    como faço pro meus filhotes cresceram demora quantos dias no jogo

  13. rekeeper says:

    quanto dia ele cresce tem um dia especifico

  14. rekeeper says:

    demora quantos dias pro filhote crescer?

    • admin says:

      16 days to grow from baby cub to normal cub.
      16 days to grow from normal cub to teenage cub.

      20 days for teenage cub to leave home

  15. rekeeper says:

    quando o filhote adolecente sair de casa tipo que o jogo vai fecha e falar que acabou ou vo ter a cance de acasalar de novo e as vezes ve ele andando por ai e tal

    • admin says:

      You can continue the game if you want after raising your cubs by mating and having cubs again

      • rekeeper says:

        show adorei o jogo so falto bota chuva desastre naturais neblina estacoes do ano como neve outono primavera pra fica mais real so falta isso ae o jogo fica 100% claro e tirando o bug que vc cai por dentro da montanha claro mais vcs sao foda vcs conseque

        • admin says:

          Thank you rekeeper, The bug that makes you fall through the mountain will definitely be fixed.

          Thank you

          • rekeeper says:

            e as sugestoes que falei sobre as estações do ano quero respostas

          • admin says:

            That cannot be confirmed now, maybe it will be added after the game is released because currently there are no funds for that

  16. rekeeper says:

    po dps que meu pet viro filhote normal ae meu tempo de vida volto pra 1 com oassim

  17. jorge says:

    isso e um pouco fora de assunto mas queria uma informação amo o jogo de vcs se o jogo acaba eu morro mais e o seguinte queria saber qual progamar e usado para cria as animações os animais os sistema de vida qual progama que faz o jogo pode me mandar o nome Resumindo quero o nome do progama que o jogo foi feito

  18. Silvercougar says:

    Umm, when I bring the cubs to the safest den, It restarts the mission, I mean, the game show me another den and I’ve to cross the map again and again, is it normal?

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately it is normal, the beta 3.0 has some balancing issues (balancing gameplay between too easy, challenging and frustrating).

      These issues have been fixed in the upcoming final version.

      if the mission becomes much of a hassle, save and reload, this will stop the mission for a short while.

      Sorry about the mission experience

  19. Camila says:

    Eu gostaria de saber como se mexe com a camera do jogo.

    • admin says:

      The camera stays behind the cougar all the time, if you want to switch the camera to the ‘cougar vision’ press ‘TAB’.
      In the final version, the camera will be able to look around the cougar.

      I hope I answered your question.

  20. Camila says:

    Olha só aconteceu algo muito estranho.Bem eu estava na missão de transportar os filhotes Toca em Toca.Por causa dos machos rivais.Então eu primeiro levei um filhote(a chamo de Meia-Noite :3 ) depois levei os outros dois.Pronto Salvei o jogo,só que quando eu continuei o jogo.O meu primeiro filhote ficou PRESO dentro da pedra da toca.E está assim até hoje.É um bug normal,se sim como faço para resolve-lo?
    Obrigado desde já!

  21. Johnny says:

    is 3.0.1 available for macbook air?

    • admin says:

      The beta version 3.0.1 is not available for the the MacBook Air.

      A version for Mac will be released after the final version for windows has been released

  22. Silverwinds says:

    Hey! I love your game. I a a big cat enthusiast and I have been searching for years for a good game where you can play as a big feline in it’s habitat and this game has me hooked! Here is my review ~
    – Good graphics
    – Realistic
    – Day changes by it’s own
    – Upgrading system
    – Adorable cubs
    – This list could go on.
    – The mission with the male spawns too fast for my liking
    – the whole glitch with some steep hills having a ”wall” you can’t get up and then falling down the map terrain.
    – That’s it!
    – I’ve seen this one before, but could the seasons change over a course of time? Like.. every 10 days in the game, the season changes. So 10 (in-game) days in summer, spring, winter, and fall. See what I mean? 10 seems a little short tho.
    – Maybe the humans could leave things like cars and the cougar could get in and raid things like their meat coolers in the back? Or they could set up camps for about 2 days (in game) and the cougar would have to be careful around it.
    – Maybe there could be two types of humans? Hunters and then rangers? The rangers could be looking to tack the cougar for collaring or something?
    – Climbing ~!

    • Silverwinds says:

      Quick add on I forgot!
      When I get the mission for moving dens, it never gives me the option of the den right in the enter, where you first spawn when you are looking for a mate.

    • admin says:

      Sorry I wasn’t able to reply immediately, I’ve been having problems getting into the website and was only able to that now.

      Thank you for the wonderful review and suggestions I appreciate it a lot.

      The falling through the terrain was a glitch and it has been fixed, it will be made available in the final version (the release date will be announced soon).

      The steep hills issue isn’t really a glitch but there are no invisible walls either, it is not possible to walk or run up steep hills except by jumping, there are several ways to get to any point in the forest (although the steep hills issue will have still be tweaked to make it better)

      The spawning time of the male Cougar was a result of my miscalculation as the developer and I can assure you that it has been fixed in the final version.

      The other features you suggested are excellent suggestions and though i’m a single developer, I will be able to do it but Unfortunately I lack the funds to add these features (Untamed is being developed from a very very small budget).

      Hopefully as time goes on these features will be added (depending on the success of Untamed : Life of a Cougar)

      You can help by spreading the word about Untamed as you will do the game a lot of good.

      Thank you very much for you time, I appreciate it a lot.

  23. Simon says:

    When I try to play this game the cougar is stuck permanently turning left, even with no input. Even if I try turning the other way or waving the mouse around I can’t stop it. It’s a shame I can’t play this game
    because it looks lovely! I have a joystick attached if that could be related, but it doesn’t respond to that either.

    • admin says:

      You should remove your joystick as it interferes with the already mapped keyboard input.

      Untamed : Life of a Cougar only accepts keyboard input for now.

      Sorry I wasn’t able to reply immediately, I’ve been having problems getting into the website and was only able to that now.

  24. Michaella says:

    I have been looking all over and I may have over looked it but I cannot find how to save my current game anywhere. :/

    • admin says:

      Sorry to hear about your problem.

      Press the escape button on the keyboard ‘ESC’ that will pause the game.

      In the pause screen, you’ll see the save button.

      Click on the save button to save your game.

      I hope this helps if not please let me know.

      Sorry I wasn’t able to reply immediately, I’ve been having problems getting into the website and was only able to that now.

  25. Partycat says:

    I have a suggestion, I think that it shouldn’t take 16 days for a newborn cub to become an adult, like 10 days maybe. Also whenever I get the other cougars to fight they just run away from each other and it would also be nice if the male cougar wouldn’t come as much as he does.

    • admin says:

      Sorry I wasn’t able to reply immediately, I’ve been having problems getting into the website and was only able to that now.

      Thank you for taking the time to report these issues and make these suggestions.

      The new born cubs now grow up within a much shorter time.

      The behavior of the male Cougars has been tweaked to resemble a more realistic fighting contest.

      The male Cougar spawn time has also been balanced and it will not respawn so fast again.

      These fixes will be made available in the final release of Untamed : Life of a Cougar which will be announced soon

      Once again thank you very much.

  26. Jussara says:

    Hello, thank you so much for bringing this awesome game, it was exactly what I was looking for. A suggestion: you would be able to choose the gender of the cougar, playing as a male, guarding your territory from intruders, and as a female like it currently is. Also, I really would like to see a music page here, because I really liked the songs used in the game 🙂 Keep up the good work! 😉

    • admin says:

      Sorry I wasn’t able to reply immediately, I’ve been having problems getting into the website and was only able to that now.

      I’m glad that you like the game, I’very gotten some requests to add a male Cougar mode and it is a nice idea, but it will require a lot to implement that feature and to make the problem worse, there are no funds to do that.

      Hopefully it will be added depending on the success of Untamed : Life of a Cougar after its final release (which will be announced soon).

      I like your suggestion on the music page and I will finda a way to share the current music.

      Thank you.

  27. Jessica says:

    Hello, I think you already have been told this several times but when I try to climb up a mountain, there seems to be an invisible wall. I don’t know if this is a glitch or not, but it can be quite annoying. Also, when I had my cubs at the den, one of them disappeared but their GUI still showed.

    • admin says:

      Hello, Thank you for pointing this issue out 🙂 . The mountain issue is not really a glitch (I cannot really be sure because I’m not clear on the mountain you are trying to climb and how you are trying to climb it(by walking or by jumping), but it still needs some tweaking to allow the player climb some types of steep hills. But generally the player cannot climb steep hills normally without jumping and even with jumping the player cannot still climb some mountains (the hills and mountains that are almost vertical are difficult to climb).

      On the cub issue, maybe the cub fell through the terrain, I will be happy if you can save and re-load the game and let me know if the cub is still missing.

      Sorry for the inconveniences caused to you during the gameplay and thank you for taking the time to play and report these issues to me, I appreciate it very much. a lot of bugs present in the beta 3.0.1 have been fixed in the development version and will be released at an announced date.

      Thank you.

  28. Jussara says:

    Hi again, I have a suggestion for the final version, its very simple: why not an action when you can show affection to your cubs, like cleaning them/purring when you get a free time with them (while not hunting, relocating and protecting them)in the den, because they are so adorable! This would give the game a even better experience and make a more unique bond with the cubs, like good mothers do. Good luck in the release, the internet is missing those good games like this 😀

    • admin says:

      Hello, thanks for the suggestion, I’ve been seriously considering adding the feature the only problem that stand in the way of the addition is that it will push back the probable release date further and also lack of funds means there will not be specialized playing animations for the teen cubs.

      But I can assure you that the feature will definitely be added, either in the final release or as a patch soon after the final release 🙂

  29. Jessica says:

    Hello again. I have another bug to report. When I brought all 3 of my cubs to the safe den, nothing popped up telling me that I reached the safe den. (I don’t know if that’s suppose to happen, because that was my first time getting to the safe den) After that, I saved the game a couple of times then after a while the quest of the safe den appeared again, the blue marker showing to another den. The new safe den was the den that I first had my cubs at. This slightly irritated me. Sorry If this didn’t make any sense. 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reporting, normally the message should stop showing once the mission has been completed.
      While testing I discovered that the message could still be showing even after the mission was completed (bug) and I fixed it (not in this version)

      Also unknowingly, the timer that will restart the killer male mission was very short (it should be longer) so after a short while the killer male mission just restarts after it has been completed. If the mission stresses you out, you can save it and reload it. This will stop the mission for some time (also short time mistakenly).

      Sorry about the inconvenience. The issues have been fixed and will be made available in the final version.

  30. Jessica says:

    Question: Do cubs start growing when you finished the blue den mission, or do they grow when you have them?

    • admin says:

      They grow when you have them, although the growing time in the beta 3.0 is quite long 15 days from new born cub to active cub, but I’ve fixed it in the final version

      • Jessica says:

        15 days in real life time or game time?

        • admin says:

          15 days in game time 🙂

          • Jessica says:

            Sorry for bothering you constantly, but all of my three cubs died but the rival cougar and move cubs to the safe den missions still appeared. Is this a bug? Also, I had a wolf carcass with me and then when I loaded the game again, it became a moose!

          • admin says:

            Don’t worry, I’m always here to assist 🙂
            The issue with the cubs and the rival make mission is most likely a bug because the game is supposed to end when all three cubs die, I’ll look into it and see what could have caused it.

            Also the wolf to moose, while it is a blessing :-), it is a bug and I’ll also try to get it fixed.

            Thanks for reporting.

  31. Jessica says:

    Is it normal for a bison to attack a cub? (A normal cub, not the newborn type.)

    • admin says:

      It is not normal but if the bison is already angry then it can happen.

      Also when fighting try to stay away from your cubs because they can still receive damage from your opponent.

  32. Jessica says:

    After all of my cubs died, is there a way to find another mate and get more cubs? Great game, by the way.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, there isn’t a way to mate to have cubs after your current cubs die.

      Try reloading the game to see if the bug corrects itself.

  33. Jessica says:

    What are the features that you are sure that you will add in the final release? 😀

    • admin says:

      There are a lot of them and listing them out will take a lot of space 🙂 .
      I will post them when I have the time, currently i’m focusing on the development so I don’t really have much time for any other activity (I work alone)

  34. Jaghund says:

    I just had a huge game breaking glitch where I fell through the terrain I saved then loaded the game and I teleported to a den away from my cub, then when I got to the place where my cub should have been it was floating and invisible. When I reset the game I came back to the same game I was previously playing.

    • admin says:

      I’m very sorry about that 🙁 , thanks for reporting, I’ll try my best to find the problem and fix it.

      Thanks for playing.

  35. Partycat says:

    This game is awesome! 😀 Also, is there a release date for the final version yet? 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thanks 😀 , there isn’t a release date yet (i’m working hard on it) , I will announce the date when it is ready (very soon). You can like Untamed’s Facebook page to keep in touch with development (I don’t have time to write a dev blog)

  36. Vellu says:

    Hello :3 This game is perfect and beatiful. I love it X3 But… I have think about thatand I wanna ask some question. Will have this game a Multiplayer mode too? Because it would be AWESOME to play it X3 But I was just thinking. Can ya please gimme an answert please? I am so courious XD

    • admin says:

      I’m happy that you love the game 🙂 .
      Currently due to lack of funds a multiplayer mode has not been confirmed, but I have big plans for Untamed : Life of a Cougar and hopefully after the final release, if the game is successful, I’ll add a multiplayer mode 🙂 .

      I also feel that a multiplayer mode will be awesome and I’ll work hard to see that it becomes a reality.

  37. efrain cepeda says:

    seeks to make its mark in the gaming industry well keep up the great work on your First title as partner in invest in games as support we are in talks with CEO on a New Gaming Platform for 2015 which all Game Developers will be able two show off there new Games and More two the Community Soon

  38. kollabee says:

    i just got the game today, and i cant even see what im cicking! the words are just orage blocks, and the top one(with im guessing is supposed to be “play” is the same way, i cant read and im not sher what the arrows do(the top one doesnt even have anything in it >.<) and hen i do ge into the game im gray and cant seem to do anything

    • admin says:

      That’s bad 🙁 , it may be a resolution problem from your description, can you please send me you computer specifications (operating system, graphics card, ram, type (desktop /laptop), and monitor(dual/single)) these information will help me better understand your problem and try to fix it.

      Thanks for reporting.

  39. Vellu says:

    Hello. I am here again and want to ask. I have ben curious about the final games realease day. I see in the downloads that it is in 21. August 2015 but… Today is the 22.august 2015 and I cant see it. Can I ask where I can download it or if it is downloadable ??? Thanks for your answer :3

    • admin says:

      I’m very sorry for the confusion, Untamed:Life of a Cougar hasn’t been released yet. It has been submitted to for approval so this means there is a delay in the release date.

      I’ve set a new possible release date to 26th August 2015 (And I’ve also changed the date on the download page).
      Thank you for your patience, and Once again I apologize for the inconvinience.


  40. Hello,
    I am Milen and i represent
    We are a new site for game reviews,news and basically everything relative with games.
    We would like to make a review about your game Untamed: Life Of A Cougar.It looks awesome and after we watched a few videos we want to play it even more! I would be very happy if you provide us a copy so we can review it.
    It would be awesome if you give us more 2 keys for the other guys from the team, so they can try it too,if its not a problem.



    • admin says:

      Hello Milen, Thank you for the complement, I appreciate it. Unfortunately I have a limited set of keys so I’ll be able to send you two keys (I hope its okay). I’ll be contacting you through your email


  41. mohamed amine says:

    a really amazing game, had so much fun playing it, thank you for bringing it.
    there are some bugs,like if you are climbing a mountain and you get the camera to go through it the character will fall from the map.
    also i have some suggestions:
    – the ability of breast feeding the cubs at a young age.
    – some animals might be found in herds like bisons.
    – other natural needs like thirst, the need to defecate, or social needs for the cubs.
    – also it would be great if the hunger and dead carcasses last longer with more difficulty on hunting.

  42. Emma says:

    I just played on the latest version of the game. All my cubs died 🙁 do i need to restart or should male cougars become interested again? Also With my one remaining cub I got the dangerous male cougar alert to move my cub the red blob for the cougar appeared on the map and the blue safe den did not. I had no idea where to take my cub other than to try each one in turn. This is where my cub got killed while we were on the move because I got attacked by the male cougar and a female cougar at the same time. I don’t particularly want to restart from scratch as I have already started to improve my characater. So I think once you are cubless the male cougars should want to mate again.


    • admin says:

      if all your cubs die, and you haven’t saved your game before that, you should restart the game. this will make the mates available. Also if the blue icon for the safe den does not appear, save your game and reload it. this will make it appear.

      Don’t forget to always save your game because you can die at any time. And thanks for playing.

  43. Partycat says:

    I think i found a glitch! So the Rival Male thing started and suddenly, the male cougars were back, (not the rival ones!) and this never happened before, is this in the new update? or….. also! some suggestions,
    – It would be cool if you could just choose a den to go into instead of being assigned one.
    – maybe multiple rival males depending on difficulty?
    – and maybe a way to decide how long it will take for each stage of cubs to grow up?
    – moar ways to interact with the cubs?
    – this ones a question btw, are you supposed to mark all the territory or just a bit of it? because I’ve been marking just a bit of it and i seem to be fine so I was curious
    – maybe once all your cubs die you could have more cubs?
    – another question, do rival female cougars kill cubs?
    well. that’s the list.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for reporting the glitch, it is most likely from the update. save your game and reload, this will remove the males. (on the bright side, the males will fight off the killer male 🙂 ). I’ll fix it in the next update.

      -It won’t really be a mission if you can choose your den, I’ll tweak the den assigning mechanism so that players will not get far dens (eg den at the opposite end of the map)
      -A lot of players will complain if I do that, the males difficulty will increase as your cubs grow bigger.
      -I’m thinking of adding that feature (It may take huge technical changes to implement it, and it may also bring some game breaking bugs).
      -I’ll like to add that feature also, most probably in later updates.
      -Marking your territory isn’t compulsory, it is just a way to prevent the rival females from spawning in an area. Due to player complaints and reduced to spawn time of rival females and the trees stay marked longer. The females spawn randomly in areas that haven’t been marked. if they do it is best to attack them within 3 days of them appearing on the map.
      -The goal of the game is to raise your cubs to adulthood, if all the cubs die then there needs to be a penalty which is the game over.
      -The rival females will kill your cubs if they can, every animal in the game is a threat except deer and rabbits.

      Thanks for taking the time to report the bug and give your suggestions 🙂 . I’ll appreciate it if you can leave a review on the steam page. Thanks 😀

    • Partycat says:

      also, in the new update where the territory is supposed to last longer it lasts waaaay shorter for me. Great game btw!

  44. what the heck i can not save at all and yes my keyboard does work this game has a load game button but it wont let me save it cause i don’t know how

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry to hear that. Press the Save Game button below the resume game button. I will appreciate it if you can send a screenshot of the Pause Menu to or send it to the Facebook Group (type Untamed: Life of a Cougar on Facebook).

      I will be very happy to assist you.

  45. Silvercougar says:

    Awwwh I’d love to get the full game ^^, but my parents don’t let me buy :c, will it be available for free one day?

    • admin says:

      I’m sad to hear that 🙁 , sadly it may never be free, except during special giveaways, but there will be discounts in the future. By the way nice deviations, I look forward to seeing more of your work 🙂

  46. Rhylie says:

    Hi I already bought the game but no download screen popped up and I cant find the game anywhere on my computer plz help my and tell me how to download it and play

    • admin says:

      Thanks for purchasing the game. Check your email account, you will see a download link that has been sent to you.
      I intend to release an update by Monday, if you have a steam account, I’ll be happy to send you a key so that you can get the updated version immediately.


  47. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I just recently got this game and it doesn’t let me change the controls. It tells me the right controls I’ve configured but I still have to use the default controls. Any ideas?

  48. Alex says:


    I just bought the game today and played for a few hours.

    Ever since I played Wolf Quest I hoped to find similar games at some point, so I’m very happy that I found yours. It really has great potential and I enjoyed it so far.

    However, I found 2-3 things that look like bugs and I’d like to make some suggestions and maybe get your thoughts on them.

    The bugs:
    1. I couldn’t find out what the camera function that is bound to 0 by default does. It didn’t have an effect, so I tried to bind it to another key, but that change didn’t get saved. It was always set back to 0 when I looked at the settings again.

    2. My cubs had reached the stage where they start to hunt. I saved at some point (I believe that the killer male was active at that time) and tried to load the save. My cubs were still there, but I suddenly got the objective to find a mate again. I read that this was supposed to be fixed in an earlier release, so it’s a bit odd that it still happens.

    3. Sometimes my cubs forget how to eat. On one occasion I left them several big carcasses while I went to fight some female cougars. The carcasses were still there when I came back, but my cubs were already losing health from being hungry. I could usually fix that by making them follow and unfollow or by bringing a new carcass, but it was annoying since I could never stay away for too long that way. And sometimes only a few would eat when we were travelling. Usually it was my third cub that refused to eat.


    – Less wildlife/less respawns

    Now, I have never walked around in an area where cougars live, but I could imagine that you don’t meet a pack of wolves, hunters, deer, bisons and other creatures every 10 steps you take. Everything’s so crowded. If I need food, I don’t even need to track anything or keep an eye on herds moving, I’m guaranteed to find something if I just walk around a bit.
    It also doesn’t matter if I just killed every living thing in an area. If I move away just a little bit everything respawns immediately. There’s one place on the central mountain where I could do the following: My cubs are hungry, I go a little bit down the path, and at one point there’s always a deer/elk/something similar that spawns as soon as I get there. I kill it, take it back, my cubs are happy and there was exactly 0% risk in that.

    It really makes the game boring and breaks the immersion. Wildlife shouldn’t act like they are part of an MMORPG where you just get an unlimited amount of monsters you can grind. It would be cool if you actually had to venture further if you kill too many animals in one region. Maybe make it attract hunters. After all, they are supposed to keep a balance and a cougar murdering everything in sight needs to be put down.

    So overall it would be nice if the wildlife would actually simulate reality a bit more. If seasons are added at some point there should at least be different spawn rates for them.

    – Make parameters adjustable

    I may be a bit spoiled by Skyrim where you can use the console to do all kinds of stuff, but I think it would be great to tune some things myself. E.g. spawnrate of certain animals etc. Make it so everyone can have their very own personal adventure.

    Longer/shorter day night cycles are another example of something I would like to be able influence. And one thing that always bugged me: food consumption. I’m no expert on cougars but I doubt that they need to eat that often to survive. After all, they have to survive some unlucky hunts. I’d like to be able to just wander around the map more without having to think about hunting every 5 minutes.

    – Some landmarks

    I know that your budget is tight, but some things like a farm would be a great addition. Especially if wildlife was more scarce. You can count on finding animals on the farm, but can you get in and out alive? Or do you stay away at any cost but risk to starve because you can’t find any prey?

    – Improved hunting/fighting

    I don’t get the logic behind sneaking up on prey. The tip says to approach from the front, but cougars usually sneak up from behind and jump on the back of their prey and bite into the neck. Why does that elk immediately notice me when I’m behind him, slowly crouching in the distance, but not when I’m even closer right in front of him?
    Maybe add wind direction as one parameter of being stealthy. And make it so not every animal always notices you in the same way (and make some not notice you as well). Make some deer faster than others, you you actually have to pick the ones that you can catch.

    I don’t really know how the combat system could be improved, but it feels clunky. Maybe add bluff moves and some tactic? Right now everyone just runs up to you and uses one attack. Maybe introduce different moves that e.g. are stronger but expose you more so you have to time it with the enemy not attacking at that moment?

    – Mates

    Let me hit the male cougars! As soon as there are two or more it’s impossible to separate them. Why can’t I attack the ones I don’t want to mate with? Or make them run away further/wait longer before they come back. I constantly had to look for the right one again and hope that the other males would not attack one after another.

    But enough with the rant, I still enjoyed what we got so far. You have done a great job! 🙂


  49. Anonymous says:

    How can you have a lack of funds, there are millions of people who love games like this and there are very few animal sim games in existence, you should be raking it in, maybe you should advertise more.
    Anyhoo I really enjoy this game and am looking forward to the expansion and improvement of this game.
    I have one thing I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not but when my cubs get attacked sometimes they become unresponsive and just start running in circles, sometimes they snap out of it but sometimes they die of hunger, is this supposed to happen, are they like freaked out from the predator or is this a bug?
    Keep working on this don’t abandon it, we need more games like this, you did a fantastic job on this game.

  50. nichii says:

    I love this game very much, its fun, challenging, creative and something I’ve been searching for for a long time. I love how much time you put in to this and to make other people happy, but I want to make some suggestions and a bug report.

    1: Use some different colours for different things [MiniMap Wise], I had a little trouble trying to tell what was food and what was the Aggressive Male. A lot of the red things are the same colour, and would need a little touch up.

    A bug report: As I was playing, I was unable to pick up some prey, unsure why, and another. My children were moving to the next den with me, and me having bad luck was constantly attacked [So i had to open the save multiple times haha] and suddenly, I had to find a mate, but had all three cubs with me. The other mission for the den was completely gone. I tried to reopen my load and still nothing.

  51. Katt says:

    Did you take the ideas for this game from WolfQuest???

  52. Ariana says:

    Ok so i have a major problem with my game i try to change the screen resulition and it says it did, but stay exactly the same i tryed leaving and it did the same i restated my pc same even in both screens it says but it changes size and then goes straight back..btw the screen is super small and i can’t play..;-;

    • admin says:

      I’m very sorry to hear about your problem. this is the first time this problem is being reported (but I’very experienced it during testing and fixed it).

      Try changing the resolution from the game launcher if it doesn’t work let me know.

      for in-depth help please send an email to

      Thank you.

  53. Leah says:

    Hello, I recently got the game from steam but it doesn’t work, it looks fine untill you start choosing the colour of the cougar, the Cougar doesn’t appear, but the main problem is that when I start to play, the screen flashes green and brown and I can only hear sounds.
    I tried the verify integrity of the game cash, and it does say that 1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired, and sometime it sais everything is complete. But the game still doesn’t work. I also tried reinstalling the game but with no succes.
    How do I fix this?
    Thank in advance!

  54. AmberWolf012 says:

    This is literally a game that explains life of a cougar spot on, though I had a problem. This might be weird, but I am playing the recent version and for some reason, whenever I get on, a few minutes later it says my cubs are in the Active cub stage, and adds a cub that I had lost recently. My cubs are adolescent, but the cub added is an active cub. When I save and reload, it goes back to where I saved before this happened.

  55. Jim says:

    Hello, i played this game about two hours and i had a great time playing it, question is, will it be possible to:
    – Play as a male
    – Make a own family (Start off as a lone cougar and raising a small pride)
    – Have relationship controll (Know who’s the father and who is sibrings osv…)
    – Sosialise

  56. SquizzyGizzy says:

    I’ve played this game multiple times and I love it! I’ve experienced very little problems or glitches with the game but I’ve recently come across one that I can’t seem to get out of. My last litter of cubs grew up and left (like they always do) but for some strange reason the game seems to think I still have the cubs with me even though their icons are no longer visible on the screen or on the map, leading to the males (mates) not spawning in. I’ve had the Killer Male spawn in once since my cubs left but he disappeared almost immediately so I think the game has picked up the cubs are gone but hasn’t spawned in the male mates for some reason. I tried killing myself a few times to see if that reloaded the game but so far nothing. Is there something I can try to progress with the game as I’m currently wandering around killing Hounds and Hunters.

    Cheers 🙂

  57. Bert-Bert says:

    I’m on day 21, but my cubs are not adolescent yet. Is that normal, or what should I do to correct it? Thanks for the help.

    • admin says:

      It is most likely a glitch in the cub growth cycle, I’ll be releasing an updated version by Early June and this will fix your cub issues.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Bert-Bert says:

      Edit: I realize now that adolescent age doesn’t occur on day 15, but day 25, i.e., 10 days of aging, plus 15 more days. Thanks for a great game.

      • Bert-Bert says:

        Edit: Correct me if I’m wrong, please. I realize now that adolescent age doesn’t occur on day 15, but day 25, i.e., 10 days of aging to first stage, plus 15 more days after that. How many days until full maturation, btw? Thanks for a great game.

  58. Bert-Bert says:

    “It is most likely a glitch in the cub growth cycle, I’ll be releasing an updated version by Early June and this will fix your cub issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

    Has this update been released yet? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Yes it has been released, you can get the latest version from steam or

  59. Jim says:

    Hello, i played this game about two hours and i had a great time playing it, question is, will it be possible to:
    – Play as a male
    – Make a own family (Start off as a lone cougar and raising a small pride)
    – Have relationship controll (Know who’s the father and who is sibrings osv…)
    – Sosialise

  60. Iona M says:

    I’ve finished raising my cubs , but there’s no potential mates anywhere !

  61. kirsty says:

    it be nice u can be a cub and your mother protect you

  62. Lucius says:

    I had killed the Rival male, but the “Go to safe den” mission still appeared. I really don’t wanna move dens again since it was only a couple minutes before it told me to.

    • admin says:

      Try reloading the game to see if the issue goes away. If it doesn’t, send a bug report to

      I intend to add an autosave feature in the future, thank you for playing.

      • Lucius says:

        Thanks for responding 😀

        I tried reloading and it gave me the Rival male again after me running across the water and fighting him in the water. I ended up restarting it and it’s working now, after I know not to fight the Rival Male XD

        Oh, and a small suggestion if you read these replies, could you make it so we can have multiple games saved at once, like Wolfquest? That would be cool :D!

        Thanks for replying and making the game!!

        • admin says:

          Yes I intend to do just that (it will save me a lot of headache 🙂 )

          This feature will be added in the coming updates

          Thank you for the suggestion.

          • Lucius says:

            Oh wow, that’s awesome I PREDICTED THE FUTURE!

            Another suggestion, (sorry I’m creative D:), make it so you can play as one of your cubs (like in shelter 2), and make a family like that. Or, your mate can stay with you, (If that’s not like real life), or if the generation comes into play, a red and pink heart can appear on the screen and it can be your sibling and they can help you 😀

            Sorry if I’m just yelling suggestions at ye. XD

          • admin says:

            It’s always nice to bring suggestions to any creative process.

            As time goes we’ll see how possible it is to implement these suggestions.

          • Lucius says:

            Okay! Well, I’ll leave you to answer questions and work or something. Gotta make sure I get my cubs to the safe den while I keep fighting off the killer male every minute or so, I need to finish my challenge!

  63. Nyx says:

    I had saved and loaded my game after it glitched out with it not letting me mark a tree, then, it said I had to mate again. I am very confused, what should I do? Making a new game worked, but it took a long time to get my cubs, since me getting a mate, waiting for the cubs to be born, finding a den, and trying to raise them. If this is a fixable glitch, please fix! I haven’t waited for the cubs to grow yet, but I don’t wish to wait until it happens. If there is something I may do, please fix.

    • admin says:

      Restart the game and the problem will likely correct itself.

      Thanks for playing and reporting

      • Nyx says:

        Thank you for making the game and replying!

        I had managed to make it work and the mates went away, after a mate went into my den and I had saved and loaded. The mates were deleted, and I could play again!

        Then after I was near the safe den and the rival male spawned near it, so I lost all my cubs by it killing them XD (Luckily I had a safe file, yay!)

  64. admin says:

    Hi Carolyn, you will receive an email with a dowmload link

  65. Zeri says:

    hello! i dont know if anyone reads this anymore, most of the posts seem old. anyway, i recently got this game on steam and so far im enjoying it. ive always wanted something like this. its fun and challenging. however, i recently had rival females or foxes (didnt see the culprit) murder my cubs while i was away and now i have none. the game continues but now i have nothing to do. will mates appear again? or do i have to reload my previous save? it would be cool is males respawn so i can try again with a new litter, thats the way it would go in the wild too. thank you for an innovated game experience 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Zeri, If you lose your litter males will be spawned in the map for you to mate again and have another litter. Thank you for playing, and I’m glad you like the game 🙂

  66. Cherry says:

    Hi, I love your game. I play it often. I have found a few glitches though, and I have a few suggestions that I think would be cool features in the game. Usually the game goes normal and everything goes fine, but in my one game it glitched so much I had to start over because it would no longer save and the map stopped coming up. So the glitches I found were these:

    -Potential mates notification comes up when you already have cubs and potential male cougars spawn on the map as if the game just started. When this happens you cannot mate with these males and the only way to restore the game to normal seems to be if you right click many times as if you mated and then save and reload the game.
    -Map stopped working. All black screen.
    -Killer Male sometimes will get stuck in the river
    -Save button stopped working. The button is pressed but no “your game has been successfully saved” notification and if the game is reloaded it only restores to the previous save point, even if you have saved it many times since.
    -Cubs aging up to the same stage multiple times instead of the next stage. In this case the 2nd stage, the active stage

    Usually the game doesn’t glitch, but most of these I found happened in my one game. except for the potential mate coming up when you already have cubs that has happened many times.

    The suggestions I have for the game that I think would make it really cool to have are:
    -Being able to interact more with your cubs. Such as play with them,groom them,lay with them and have them sleep next to you would be cute etc.
    -In the adolescence stage, maybe have them being able to swim with you across the river.
    -Have the option to play as one of your adult cubs, once they grow up then they can start a family.
    This game is awesome, just fix some the bugs and maybe add some the suggestions and it will be perfect. 🙂

  67. Pls Explain says:

    This is a cool game and like I would def give a suggestion but are you still working on it

    it’s been over a year

    • admin says:

      Thank you, I have been occupied with a lot work but that is going to change soon as there some improvements and updates I’ll be bringing to the game

  68. Crippling depression atm but thank says:

    hey I love your game, and I think it has lots of potential!

    I have some suggestions!

    – please tell us if your still going to update the game or not because it’s been over a year and you
    haven’t said anything I am a little bit shook.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, I’m happy that you love the game. I’m definitely going to update it. I know I haven’t made updates in the steam forums and I’ll rectify that soon.

  69. Mountainblue says:

    need some help, I have seem to have a glitch. My cubs grew up and I got the message saying they had left and went to survive on their own in the wild as normal. All the cubs were gone now and I was now alone but no male cougars spawned for me to have another litter. So I didn’t save it and just reloaded the game back to when I still had my cubs about a day before they would leave. I did this a few times. Every time they would leave and no male cougars would spawn. I eventually just saved it after they had left and with not much to do I just wandered around the map hunting. I figured maybe I had to wait a little while before the males would show up so I saved it again. Then shortly after I had the Killer male cougar notification come up and even showed what den I was suppose to go to and the killer male on the map. But my cubs had grown up and left. But for some reason the game seemed to think I still had cubs.

    Then only a few seconds after the killer male appeared on the map, him and the den I was suppose to go to disappeared. The den itself didn’t disappear just the blue mark showing I was suppose to go to it. So I continued wandering around the map and hunting and unfortunately got killed by a bison I got to close too. So I reloaded and the weirdest glitch I have had yet happened. After I reloaded it I had the page come up telling me to name my kittens. As If I had mated,been pregnant and was about to give birth and was about to have another litter. So I named them and clicked confirm and no kittens appeared and I was standing where I had saved it. So I reloaded the game again and it came up again asking me to name my kittens, this time I didn’t name them I just clicked confirm. Still no kittens. Now ever since I was killed by the bison when I reload my game it asks me to name my kittens. I never saved it when I died either. I wasn’t even at a den or anything I was in the middle of the map hunting. No male cougars ever spawned after my last cubs left. But now it seems to think I have mated and am giving birth? If the game thought I still had cubs and my cubs were adolescent I thought if I waited a few days that maybe It would recognize they left and the males would spawn. But I never got a chance to try after I died because now the page just comes up telling me to name my kittens when I reload the game and there are no kittens because I never mated. Sorry this is so long. I wanted to explain everything that had happened. Is there any way I can fix this? I would like to have another litter with the same cougar but if not I can start a new game. I do love this game and really enjoy it.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mountain Blue, I’m very sorry you had to experience these glitches, I’ve begun work to release some updates on Untamed, and your detailed description will go a long way in ensuring the glitch is fixed thank you. If you have any suggestion you’ll like to give on Improvements, I’ll be happy to hear and Implement if possible.

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