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[Patch]Update 1.2 for Untamed: Life of a Cougar is now Available

Hello Everyone,

After receiving feedback on some issues present in Untamed: Life of a Cougar, a new update is now ready to address most of these issues

Weird Ultra Jump

The weird jump the player makes after killing an eagle has been fixed.

Continuation After Cub Death

In the previous version, if your cub died, you had to choose to restart the game, or reload it. In the update 1.2, After all your cubs are dead, you’ll be notified by the game. You can continue playing (you’ll have to find a mate to have cubs again) or you can restart from the pause menu or re-load the game from the pause menu. This is in keeping with creating a wildlife simulation experience, and I thank the players who pointed this out for that.

Pestering Mate

The Male Cougars (Mate) don’t follow you closely as before, instead they move around and give you space to perform other activities instead of mating.

UI Elements

Some UI elements which include the health-bars have been improved to give a better feeling to the overall feel of the game.

Improved Night Vision (Cougar Vision)

The Night Vision (Cougar Vision) has been improved. Previously everything was hazy and green, but now with saturation down a bit and the color improved, the cougar vision looks better, and scents can easily be seen from a distance.

Improved Map

This is on of the biggest improvements in the update 1.2, the map looks much smother, the icons changed, the map key gives more information, and everything looks cleaner and better.

Several bugs have been fixed including the gameplay stats, more improvements and fixes will be made as we all strive to make Untamed: Life of a Cougar reach its full potential.

I’ll like to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to Untamed: Life of a Cougar in some or another, your support means a lot. If you enjoy Untamed, I’ll be happy if you can post a review on the steam page for other people to see.

You can get the game on Steam or the OCCA Studios website

Have fun and Happy Hunting,

Eugene Onuoha,



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