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The Fox is an animal you should be weary of. It calls scavengers(Bears and Wolves) when the player takes down a large prey (Deer, Doe, Moose, Bison) thereby making the position of the dead prey a ‘Hot Zone’. The player can handle this with either of four ways.

1. Picking up the prey and dragging it to a safer place to feed in peace. This does not work for the Bison because the bison is too heavy for the Cougar to drag.

2.Chasing and killing the annoying Foxes (my favorite action).

3.Eat fast and hope that the scavengers will go away (Highly unlikely)

4.Fight the scavengers (As owner of the forest no one should mess with your hard earned meal)

The Fox is a constant threat to the safety of your cub and before leaving your cub to hunt make sure there are no foxes in the surrounding area or else they will kill the cub while you are away.

As with any animal in Untamed: Life of a Cougar, the Fox can be hunted and used to feed the cubs.