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The main aim of Untamed: Life of a Cougar is to experience the life of an adult female cougar. You can agree with me that this cannot be possible without cubs (The offspring of cougars and other big cats).

Cubs in Untamed are a vital part of the game because they are vulnerable and the success of the player depends on the cubs (In the beta stage ‘cub’) surviving the horrors of the forest and also escaping starvation. The cub in Untamed has a lot of enemies, the most dangerous and most problematic being the Fox.

Normally it is risky for the player to travel with the cubs round the forest but there are two solutions to that,

1. The player can Pick Up the cub in its mouth and move through the forest. This ensures that the player does not lose the cub while moving through the forest, and removes the risk of foxes attacking the cub when the player is not looking (This does not deter predators like  Wolf and  Bear).

2. There are Den sites in several places on the map in Untamed: Life of a Cougar. These Den sites are safe zones and the risk of a predator coming around them is low, this means that the cubs can be left at the den while the player goes to hunt. Before leaving the cubs at the den, it is wise to take note that even though the den site is safe, it is not 100% safe and it is the job of the player to make sure that there are no predators around the den because when the player is not around, the cub is defenseless and can be easily killed.