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Untamed Overview

Game Modes

Untamed Life of a Cougar features two game modes, the Normal Mode and the Action Mode.  These modes are triggered by different events namely when the player is being attacked by a predator (Wolf, Bear, Eagle) or stubborn prey (Moose, Bison) these events call for Action Mode while when the player is not threatened the player goes into Normal mode which allows regular actions like eating, dragging prey, stalking and carrying the player’s cub. The different actions that are possible in each mode can be seen through the ‘Keyboard Control’ in the Options Menu.

 Screen Icons

To know what is going on in Untamed: Life of a Cougar, it is good to know what the various icons on the screen stand for



The Player health icon reduces when the player has been hit by an attacking character, and refills with time. The Health of the player will stop refilling when the food of the player is finished and this also applies to the strength of the player.

The Eat signal appears on the screen when the player is able to eat a carcass (Dead animal).

The Drag Carcass/Cub Signal appears on the screen when it is possible to drag a carcass or pick up the cub.

The Target Mode is there to show the player that the game is in Target Mode. read further to know the uses of target mode.


Combat in Untamed: Life of a Cougar is an important aspect of the game because the player will constantly come in contact with different sets of enemies. Without automatic targeting, the player has to manually fight the enemy by going to them, this can be difficult for some players so for that reason there is a target mode. to switch to target mode, you simply press the ‘T’ key or the ‘Mouse Scroll Wheel’. 

Automatic targeting makes combat in Untamed: Life of a Cougar  easier and enjoyable, it is also highly recommended