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In Untamed: Life of a Cougar, there are basic actions that the player needs to know to survive, these actions can be learned from experience (Trial and error) or you can just come here as you have done to know whats going on in the game. The actions outlined here are for the beta version and will be updated as the more updated beta builds are released for preordered customers and finally the Final build.



Hunting in Untamed: Life of a Cougar is an important aspect of the Game because obviously the Cougar needs to eat and feed its cubs. In Untamed anything is prey if you are brave enough but your recommended prey should be deer, why you ask? because they don’t try to kill you when you try to eat them (They are understanding, for now)  and their carcasses can last for a longer time than most animals in Untamed. There is a catch though, deer can easily spot the cougar and for this reason the cougar has to stalk its prey. Stalking(Crouching) is achieved by pressing the C’ key. Crouching does not guarantee that the cougar will not be spotted but it helps and stalking from behind makes hunting easier and stress free.


PS. To eat simply go close to the carcass and when the Eat Icon  eatgui is shown on the screen press the ‘Right Mouse Button’ to eat.


Tracking and Cougar Eye-View

To Hunt you have to first know what to hunt and where to find it, Sometimes spotting animals in Untamed: Life of a Cougar can be tricky because some animals blend with their environment or they are covered by grasses or they were just not spotted. In situations like these the Cougar Eye-View (Cougar Camera) comes to the rescue. The Cougar Eye-View can be accessed by pressing theTAB’  key it is very useful during night hunting because it brightens the whole area. Also every animal Character (Even Humans when they are added) in Untamed: Life of a Cougar has a scent and this scent can be seen using the Cougar Eye-View or the Map.

Screenshot 2014-10-29 09.19.28                           Screenshot 2014-10-29 09.23.48






Cougar Eye-View Day                                                                                                                                Cougar Eye-View Night

Screenshot 2014-10-29 09.23.15Map

Pick up Carcass and Cub

drag preyPick up and drag is vital in a Cougar’s Life, because that means the player will be able to move prey between locations and also carry the cubs like good mothers do.

Pick up and drag is possible when the Pick Signal pickgui is on the screen. This can be done by going close to any carcass( Dead Animal) or going close to the cub until the Pick Signal shows and then pressing the pick key which on PC is the ‘E’ key.

To drop/release any animal simply press the pick key ‘E’ and the cougar will release any carcass it is holding from its jaws.

PS. Bison cannot be picked or dragged, they are too heavy.

Cub Behavior

There will be 3 cubs in the final version of Untamed: Life of a Cougar, but for now to make the game less of a hassle there is currently one Cub character in Untamed.

The Cub is defenseless for now but will grow to become as strong as its mother (Available in the Final realease). While it is still small the player will be in charge of feeding and defending the cub. It is advisable to leave the cub at the Den except when relocating because moving around with the cub can attract unwanted attention from Wolves and Bears, but that is up to you the player.


To feed the cub, simply bring it close to a carcass or if it is already close let it be. The cub will eat on its own when it is hungry, if the cub is not hungry yet or is being threatened by a predator, it ignores the carcass. The cub can go for a long time without eating and when its Food meter is finished, the Cub’s Life meter (Health)begins to slowly reduce. failure to feed the cub before its Health finishes results in the death of the cub and failure of the Game.


Moving the cub from place to place is vital. There are two ways of transporting the Cub, either by picking and carrying the cub or calling it to follow the Cougar. The Cub listens to its mother’s calls. To call the Cub simply press the ‘F’ key this will make the cub follow the Cougar or Make it stay wherever it is (While the cub is staying at a place it moves around to play but does not wander too far from the point).

To Carry the cub when the Pick icon pickgui is displayed on the screen by pressing the ‘E’ key the Cougar will pick its Cub and by pressing the key again will drop the cub


The cub is prone to attack by Foxes, Wolves, Bears and sometimes Eagles, the cub responds by running as far as possible from the attacker to a ‘safe’ spot and hiding there. while the cub is threatened it will not respond to calls from the cougar until the predator has been completely seen off by the cougar or has been killed.