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About us

OCCA studios is an indie studio that seeks to make its mark in the gaming industry with its upcoming game “Untamed, Life of a cougar“.  Our platform for development is the Unity3d Game engine. OCCA studios seeks to make games that are nature themed, we have a lot of plans for the future on making games that will hopefully appeal to gamers (Both casual and Hardcore), Animal lovers and everyone who loves art and nature but these plans can only be realised through the support of the universal gaming community. We are not going to bore you with lots of text so be sure to visit our website and our youtube channel for visual updates and progress that we make.

Currently,  OCCA studios is made up of a single developer with a passion for creating games. While the journey to becoming a full fledged game studio might be long it will still be completed. Don’t forget to share the word and check back for new content for Untamed: Life of a Cougar